Telegram rolls out Saved Messages 2.0 to all users

Explore Telegram's latest update with Saved Messages 2.0, One-Time Media, and exclusive Premium features!

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Telegram rolls out Saved Messages 2.0 to all users

In a recent release, Telegram unveiled a suite of enhancements and new features aimed at improving user experience. Among the headline changes is the revamped Saved Messages 2.0, which enables users to sift through saved content by each specific chat. However, the option to tag saved messages has been designated for premium subscribers. Additionally, enhancements such as One-Time Voice and Video Messages, the capability to pause and resume recordings, and indicators for reading messages in private chats make the platform more robust and user-centric.

Saved Messages 2.0, One-Time Voice Messages and 8 More Features

How to Access and Utilize the New Features

  1. Saved Messages 2.0: Go to your 'Saved Messages' folder, where you can now see messages sorted by the chat they were saved from, enhancing searchability.
  2. Tags for Saved Messages: If you're a premium Telegram user, categorize your saved messages with tags for better organization.
  3. One-Time Voice and Video Messages: Send a voice or video message that can only be played once then it disappears.
  4. Pause and Resume Recording: During voice or video message recording, tap the pause button to stop, and resume to continue recording your message.
  5. Read Time in Private Chats: Notice the timestamp on a message that indicates when the recipient read it for better communication understanding.

Beneficial Aspects for the Tech-Savvy Audience

These newly released features could be particularly beneficial for early adopters. Organizing and retrieving important saved messages becomes more efficient, which can streamline workflow and collaboration. The ephemeral nature of one-time voice and video messages adds a layer of privacy that innovators in the tech space often appreciate. The pause and resume functionality in recording echoes a growing demand for improved usability in communication tools, while read time indicators in private chats add transparency that can bolster trust and efficiency in professional exchange.

Understanding Telegram

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging system known for its focus on speed and security. It offers a wide range of features including end-to-end encrypted video calling, VoIP, file sharing, and several others. With the user's ability to access messages from multiple devices simultaneously and its burgeoning reputation for upholding user privacy, it serves as an attractive alternative or complement to other messenger platforms for individuals in the tech community.

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Source of the News

The official update was announced on the Telegram blog where the full details of the new Saved Messages 2.0 and other features can be found. For additional context and guidance on these features, the Telegram blog provides in-depth explanations and illustrative imagery to aid users in navigating the latest update, enhancing the communication experience for its users.

Read more on the official Telegram blog.