About us

TestingCatalog.com is a website focused on aggregating unlimited amounts of information regarding beta testing of mobile applications in the Android ecosystem. We are providing every bit of data about this topic in an easily understandable and accessible manner to all of the readers and geeks in our community, who share our passion about technology in general, with Android apps having the highest priority.

Our history

In 2014 our initial presence on the Internet started with the launch of our own TestingCatalog Beta community on Google+ as a tool for connecting Android app developers with testers, following the beta testing feature on Google Play was made official in 2013. Our goal back then was to create a whole new open platform for crowd testing, opposite to the norm where all of them were closed, required invitations for signing up and had long waiting periods. Meanwhile, we also took ownership of the Android Beta Apps Google+ community, which is our second media outlet and a catalog for sharing applications that need testing.

2016 is the year when we created the TestingCatalog.com website as a catalog for top beta Android apps. The year after, our mobile client hit the shelves on the Google Play Store. In early 2018 TestingCatalog transformed into a platform, covering unreleased features for Android applications.

What makes us different?

Our expertise in the branch is mainly based on the long amounts of time that we spend on testing and exploring various mobile applications. We are monitoring update reports from hundreds of different sources like beta testing communities or Google Play and listing every changelog in our Beta App Updates section on the website.

Based on researches that are being done by reputable reverse engineers and enthusiasts in the Android space, we are publishing daily insights about leaks for popular beta apps on our TestingCatalog channel on Telegram. Our catalog has the largest database, which contains the best Android apps available for beta testing, curated one-by-one and it is updated constantly. You can explore it at our Beta Apps Catalog page.

Managing one of the broadest communities - home for many Android app developers and testers on Facebook, and other social media platforms, gave us the opportunity to continue building upon our experience. Maintaining great communication with our followers is, perhaps, what led to our growth. As of this year, TestingCatalog’s registered user base hit the 100K mark and it is growing rapidly each and every day.

What makes us a team is that we all enjoy exploring released, unreleased and experimental Android apps, while our mission is delivering to our readers the latest and greatest updates and leaks.


Our Authors

Alexey Shabanov

A maker of TestingCatalog, Test Engineer, beta tester and Android enthusiast. Email tips or corrections to testingcataloghelp@gmail.com

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