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TestingCatalog offers comprehensive news about early access projects and innovative features in popular AI, Web2, and Web3 apps. Stay informed and excel in your industry with our expert content.

Our History

In 2014 our initial presence on the Internet started with the launch of our own TestingCatalog Beta community on Google+ as a tool for connecting Android app developers with testers, following the beta testing feature on Google Play was made official in 2013. Our goal back then was to create a whole new open platform for beta testing, opposite to the norm where all of them were closed, required invitations for signing up and had long waiting periods. Meanwhile, we also took ownership of the Android Beta Apps Google+ community, which is our second media outlet and a catalog for sharing applications that need testing.
2016 is the year when we created the TestingCatalog.com website as a catalog for top beta Android apps. The year after, our mobile client hit the shelves on the Google Play Store. In early 2018 TestingCatalog transformed into a news platform, covering unreleased features for Android applications and expanding to a broader web2 & web3 space later in 2022.