Telegram update allows content creators to monetize with paid media

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Image: Telegram
Image: Telegram

Telegram's June update introduces several new features to enhance user experience and monetization opportunities for content creators and developers. Here are the key updates:

Mini App Bar, Paid Media, Story Search & More
Our June update adds a way to minimize mini apps into a compact bar, helps content creators monetize their channels with paid photos and videos, and improves Stories by introducing search by hashtag or location and a new link widget.

Mini App Bar

  • Collapse mini apps: Users can now minimize mini apps into a compact bar at the bottom of their screen, allowing for easier navigation and multitasking.
  • 500 million users: Over 500 million Telegram users interact with mini apps monthly for various purposes.
  • Paid photos and videos: Content creators can now monetize their channels by publishing paid posts, which subscribers can unlock by paying the author.
  • Stars and rewards: Creators can accept Stars, which can be redeemed for rewards in Toncoin or used to advertise their channel at discounted rates.

Story Search

  • Hashtag search: Users can search for stories by hashtag, which allows them to browse public stories with matching tags.
  • Location search: Users can also search for stories by location, making it easier to discover content from specific places.
  • Stylish link previews: Premium users can add a link widget to their stories, creating a visually appealing link preview that supports both light and dark backgrounds.

Monetization and Advertising

  • Telegram Stars: Content creators and bot developers can use Telegram Stars to receive rewards in Toncoin or buy Telegram Ads at discounted rates.
  • Low commission: Telegram takes minimal commission from transactions in Stars, with only taxes and payment system fees applying.
  • Advertising: Users can place ads in public Telegram channels to promote their bot, channel, or group, with bot developers and content creators able to use Stars for cost-effective advertising.
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