ICYMI: Microsoft Copilot is beta testing its new Telegram bot

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MS Copilot on Telegram

Microsoft introduced a beta version of its Copilot as a Telegram bot, making it possible for users to connect with Copilot directly through the messaging app. This development marks a move towards integrating artificial intelligence services into popular communication platforms. The Telegram bot, marked by an official checkmark, asks users to share their phone number to start communication. However, it presently does not offer synchronization with Microsoft accounts nor the ability to produce images.

Try the Microsoft Copilot Telegram bot over here

To start using the Copilot bot on Telegram, users must initially share their mobile number with the bot. Despite its beta phase and some current constraints, such as the lack of sync with Microsoft accounts or image generation, the bot provides various services. These services include conducting information searches via Bing, helping with travel arrangements, giving fitness and creative writing guidance, along with advice in areas such as gaming, movies, dating, cooking, and sports.

The user's interaction with Copilot for Telegram spans a wide array. It supports users by answering questions ranging from basic to detailed through Bing Search, suggesting travel spots and detailed plans, offering fitness and workout suggestions, and helping with creative projects such as writing. Additionally, it provides gamers with the latest news and cheats, assists in selecting movies and TV shows, gives advice on dating, inspires culinary projects, and offers the latest in sports news.

About Microsoft Copilot: Microsoft Copilot is part of Microsoft's initiative to integrate artificial intelligence into mainstream applications. It aids in numerous tasks, from searching information and planning trips to assisting in creative writing and offering fitness advice, demonstrating the applicability and value of AI in improving daily tasks.