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ICYMI: Telegram is gearing up to update its Saved Messages feature

Discover Telegram's updated Saved Messages for seamless navigation and better organization. Perfect for early adopters seeking smarter app use!

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ICYMI: Telegram is gearing up to update its Saved Messages feature
A new Saved Messages feature on Telegram

When you save a message in a particular channel, these messages will now be organized under a separate tab in the channel's summary and also accessible from the Saved Messages section.

This means you can quickly open the channel from where the message was originally saved, enhancing usability and navigation.

In certain cases, you'll also be able to see a compiled list of channels from which you've saved messages. However, it's worth noting that this feature seems to be either server-side or under a feature flag, as its availability isn't consistent.

This functionality was previously available in both the iOS and desktop versions of Telegram and now it is available in the recent Android beta version 10.5.0.

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