Google's Bard to be rebranded as Gemini: What we know so far

Explore the rumored Gemini features by Google, including Gemini Advanced and mobile apps, for AI pioneers.

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Google's Bard to be rebranded as Gemini: What we know so far
Image by Dylan Roussel

In the dynamic landscape of AI innovations, Google is poised to rebrand Bard, its AI conversational tool, to "Gemini". As uncovered by the renowned leaker Dylan Roussel, this potential renaming isn't just about a new moniker – it heralds the introduction of a suite of robust features which have yet to grace the public stage. Not officially confirmed, "Gemini" suggests a rebirth into a constellation of services that may include "Gemini Advanced", a premium version, "Gemini Apps", hinting at a unified mobile and web AI ecosystem, and intriguingly, "Gemini Motoko", speculatively referring to Custom GPT competitor. This news compels us to consider: what does Google have up its sleeve?

Exploring Gemini's Promise: A Step Towards the Future

While details on release dates or beta testing phases remain veiled, the tech community is brimming with anticipation. Here's how you can stay ahead:

  1. Keep an eye on Google's official blog for announcements.
  2. Follow tech insiders like Dylan Roussel for the latest leaks.
  3. Stay subscribed to newsletters from reputable tech news sources for emerging details.
  4. Prepare for the launch by familiarizing yourself with Bard, the precursor to Gemini.

Google's AI Evolution

Driven by the quest for innovation, Google's progression in AI conversational technologies is a testament to its commitment to creating tools that transform how we interact with machines. Bard, soon to become Gemini, represents a significant leap in this journey, promising a future where AI communication is accessible, personalized, and omnipresent.

Discovering More About The Source

This tantalizing revelation comes via a tweet from Dylan Roussel, an esteemed tech insider known for accurate predictions in the tech domain. His insights offer an early glimpse into the plans Google may be cultivating behind the scenes.