Twitter is experimenting with holders only NFT communities


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Twitter is experimenting with holders only NFT communities

There are no new features behind this experiment and it is rather a user test but the NFT collection is real!

It is run by Mada Aflak from Twitter also as part of the user test. Holders will have to set these NFTs as PFP and DM the admin of the community to get access. So far, the content of the community is public as well. So, would you ape into "tweep emoji"?

Collection details from OpenSea

Tweep Emojis is a set of 1000 unique emojis aiming to be used as profile pictures on Twitter. I am Mada Aflak, Sr. Software Engineer at Twitter, and I am working on Space & on bringing NFTs to the platform. 🙂

Today, most NFT communities are on Discord, and I want to experiment with building an NFT community focused on Twitter only.

I launched the first 101 original items, and the next ones will be released in the future. 🚀

Once you acquire a Tweep Emoji, DM me on Twitter with your emoji as a profile picture. 💬

Disclaimer: This is a personal project that is not endorsed by the Twitter company.

via @chrismessina

Tester Context:

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