Telegram beta 7.2.0 comes with grouped messages, post stats, multiple pins, slot machines and more 🎃

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Telegram beta for Android got updated to another major version right before Halloween. This time, Android client was updated the last after macOS and iOS and most of the new features were already known. There are a bunch of new features along with some small adjustments.

What's new? (Updating)

  • Now you can share any group of files as a group. It works for all file types from images to music and documents. That makes it easier to create music albums for example.

There are a lot of channels for which this feature may improve the user experience especially when it comes to music and audiobooks.

  • Ability to pin more than one message in any chat or channel.
  • Ability to switch between pinned messages and open a separate page with all pinned messages.

Another feature that can improve content discovery within channels and chats. Now, admins don't have to update the pinned post every time they want to add something important there. It will also allow having important posts to be pinned in discussion groups that won't be over-pinned by new posts in the attached channel.

  • You can also get access to a gambling animated emoji 🎰 which allows you to spin a slot machine to test your luck.
  • New statistics for individual posts for channel administrators.

And more.

Specifically for the Halloween, Telegram got 2 spooky Animoji 🎃 ⚰ that comes with a sound on iOS (but not on Android for now) apart from a new sticker pack "Halloween Utya".

One extra feature to highlight - you can edit images that you've sent to chats or channels by tapping in the edit icon. That will open an internal Telegram image editor where you can add animated emojis to your images to make them GIFs.

On a closing note, it was rumoured that native comments feature should get updated at some point to allow every channel to have comments even if it doesn't have a discussion group. That would probably come with extra comments threading functionality as well but it is not clear yet if it will be enabled in 7.2.0.

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Happy Halloween 🎃