How to enable native comments in Telegram channel

Telegram allows channel owners to enable native comments functionality by linking a discussion group to the channel

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From this post, you will learn how to add or remove native comments from your Telegram channel along with some tips on content moderation and more!

Telegram version 7.1 came out with a bunch of new features where one of them allows everyone to have comments under their channel posts.

It turned out that this comments feature isn't really stand alone but it is bound to discussion groups that were introduced much earlier.

How to enable comments in Telegram channel
How to enable comments in Telegram channel

How to enable comments in Telegram channel

First of all, you need a channel and you also need to link it to a discussion group. After that, native comments will appear automatically under all your posts except those created by bots.

  1. Tap on the channel header.
  2. Open channel settings.
  3. Tap on the "discussion" section and link a discussion group to your channel.

It is also possible to disable them by unliking your discussion group from the channel.

How to disable comments in Telegram channel

Disabling comments on Telegram channels is as easy as adding them. You simply need to unlink your discussion group from the channel.

  1. Tap on the channel header.
  2. Open channel settings.
  3. Tap on the "discussion" section and unlink a discussion group from your channel.

How comments work in Telegram

After the user clicks on comments, he will appear in a separate comments chat where his and all other comments are visible. There it is also possible to reply to comments, send stickers links and other media. Even if the user is not a part of a discussion group, he will be able to read and post all comments related to the channel post.

At the same time, these comments will appear in the discussion group. Users in the discussion group may participate in comments discussion by replying to comments. And also, if group members simply post messages to the chat without replying, these messages won't appear in the comments chat.

If the discussion group has any chat restrictions enabled (like slow mode for example), these restrictions will be applied to comments as well.

Moderating comments on Telegram

Sometimes, moderating comments may become tricky. If your channel is popular, it will attract spammers and removing all their posts may be time-consuming. Telegram doesn't offer a native anti-spam solution but you always can use bots in order to simplify the moderation process.

@grouphelp bot on Telegram
@grouphelp bot on Telegram

One of such bots is called @grouphelpbot that you will have to set up for your discussion group. It can automatically remove spam messages and do a lot more.

If you only received the comments feature on September 30, you may want to become a Telegram beta tester to be able to get its features before they are released to everyone.

How to become a beta tester for Telegram apps on Android (Telegram, Telegram X and Plus Messenger)
Updated on March 2020. Currently, there are three official Telegram clients for Android - Telegram, Telegram X and Plus Messenger. All of them have a beta program but they are distributed in different ways.

Native comments is a good move by Telegram in general that is trying to implement native solutions for popular features that were implemented via bots in the past.

If comments are there now, we can also dream about having native post reactions and in-app solutions for channels monetisation. What other features are you waiting for?

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