OpenAI set to roll out GPT Store for builders in January's second week

Stay ahead with OpenAI's GPT Store launch in January and explore new GPT settings

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OpenAI set to roll out GPT Store for builders in January's second week
GPT Store launch email

OpenAI is propelling forward with a new platform that promises to amplify the reach and impact of GPT-based innovations. We're on the cusp of witnessing the birth of the GPT Store, anticipated to make its debut in the second week of January. This marketplace is designed to be a central hub where GPT builders can showcase and distribute their ingenious creations, offering up an array of applications powered by OpenAI's language models to an eager and curious audience.

UPDATE: In case you want your GPT to be available on the store after launch, ensure that your builder profile is verified and you don’t see any warnings over there.

How to Participate in the GPT Store Launch

To get involved in this groundbreaking marketplace, there are a few critical steps that GPT builders will need to follow:

  1. Profile Verification: Ensure your builder profile is enabled according to the latest guidelines set forth by OpenAI. This step is crucial for maintaining quality and adhering to the platform's ethical standards.
  2. Update Publish Settings: Adjust your GPT settings to be marked as ‘Public’. This makes your project visible and accessible within the GPT Store.
  3. [New 🔥] Enable Support Email: Opt-in to receive support emails via your Builder Profile settings, which will enhance the support system between users and creators, and foster seamless communication.
New option to enable support requests for custom GPTs

Why the GPT Store Matters

The GPT Store isn't just another digital repository; it's a beacon for those who live and breathe AI. For prompt engineers and AI early adopters, this platform presents a new frontier of opportunity. Builders can gain recognition for their work, while users get front-row access to innovative applications that push the boundaries of what AI can achieve.

Previously, it was mainly possible to discover custom GPTs via unofficial stores and now it is expected that it will be simpler to access it right inside the Chat GPT itself.

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This scoop stems from a direct communication via email from OpenAI to GPT builders.