Notion expands its ecosystem with an integrated Calendar feature

Discover Notion's latest update—an integrated calendar feature to boost your planning and productivity. Try it now!

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Notion expands its ecosystem with an integrated Calendar feature

Notion, the popular productivity and organization app, has recently announced the launch of a significant new feature – the integration of a calendar within its application. Users opening the Notion app will be greeted with a pop-up, offering them the option to connect their Google account. This feature allows for the integration of Google Calendar into the Notion ecosystem.


The integration is powered by what was formerly known as Cron Calendar, now seamlessly incorporated into Notion. This development is particularly exciting as it enables users to connect Google Calendars from various accounts, directly integrating them into their Notion workspace.

Notion Calendar promo

One of the most notable aspects of this feature is the ability to create pages within Notion that are part of calendar information. Additionally, users can view roadmap items from their projects, especially those with assigned deadlines, and visualize these elements in the calendar view. This mirrors the functionality of Google Calendar, where events from multiple calendars can be selected or browsed.

Furthermore, this new feature leverages Notion's AI capabilities, allowing users to create text content within calendar events. This functionality enhances the detail and richness of information available in these events, providing a more comprehensive and integrated experience for Notion users.

Notion Calendar UI

Overall, the integration of a calendar into Notion represents a significant enhancement of the app's ecosystem, offering users an enriched and more connected productivity experience.

Introducing Notion Calendar: an integrated calendar for work and life
Cron is now Notion Calendar. It’s a better way to manage, organize, and prioritize your time across work and life.