Telegram X updates with folder support and experimental settings

Explore Telegram X's new folder support and enhanced settings to elevate your messaging experience. Dive in now!

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Telegram X updates with folder support and experimental settings

Telegram X, an alternative Telegram client that has not seen updates for an extended period, is reportedly gearing up for a significant update. This update aims to introduce folder support, a feature already available in the standard Telegram app. To access this new feature, users need to navigate to the experimental settings. This involves opening the app's settings, scrolling down to the version number, and tapping on it to reveal a menu where the folder option can be enabled.

Once activated, folders created in the regular Telegram app will automatically be visible in Telegram X, albeit with a slightly different layout that appears to be in a preliminary stage. The update brings notable changes to the user experience (UX). For instance, users can now display archived chats as a folder. Additionally, there is an option to swipe down on a folder to filter the view by channel, group, or chat type. The update also provides increased control over the folder display layout, including the ability to toggle the display of folders at the top of the screen.

Folders on Telegram X

This update is particularly significant for the dedicated user base of Telegram X, as the app had not incorporated many features introduced by Telegram in recent years. The introduction of these new capabilities indicates ongoing support and development for Telegram X, much to the delight of its users.

Accessing Experimental Features in Telegram X

To delve into these new experimental features, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Telegram X beta app on your device.
  2. Tap on the 'Settings' cogwheel from the side nav bar.
  3. Scroll all the way down to the bottom where you'll find the app's version number.
  4. Tap multiple times on the version number until a new menu pops up.
  5. Within this menu, locate and enable the 'Folder Support' option.

About Telegram X

Telegram X stands as an official alternative to the main Telegram app, focused on faster animations, experimental features, and sometimes a more aggressive implementation of new technologies. It’s particularly popular among tech enthusiasts who crave early access to cutting-edge functionality in their messaging apps.

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