Twitter's new 'Articles' tab now visible on the iOS app

Discover X's upcoming Articles tab for iOS: long-form content with a sleek reader mode. Stay tuned for the release, part of Premium+.

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Twitter's new 'Articles' tab now visible on the iOS app

It seems that X is on the verge of introducing a new feature that could change the way we consume content on the platform: the Articles tab. Spotted on the iOS app by some eagle-eyed users, Articles promises to offer long-form content directly on X, akin to Telegram's Instant View. While this feature has not been officially rolled out, its presence suggests that X is gearing up for a wider release. However, some testers have reported that the Articles tab is displaying recent replies and tweets, hinting at some potential integration or testing quirks that are yet to be ironed out.

How to test and try the upcoming Articles feature on X

Currently, this feature is in a pre-release testing phase and isn't widely available. To keep an eye out for when it becomes more broadly accessible, you should:

  1. Ensure that your X app on iOS is updated to the latest version where the Articles tab has been spotted by some users.
  2. Open the X app on your iOS device and navigate to the bottom menu bar. Look for the "Articles" tab, which should be situated alongside other main.
  3. Tap on the "Articles" tab to open it. Here, you may find an assortment of long-form content pieces, similar to what you might expect from Telegram's Instant View.
Articles tab on X web
  1. For web users, if you're interested in accessing Articles or writing your own, this feature is yet behind a feature flag. Remember, you might need to have a Premium+ subscription with X to enable this feature fully.
  2. While browsing on the web, you can visit the official @Write account on X for example Articles that showcase the new reading experience, which aims to be clean and free from distractions.
  3. Keep an eye out for official announcements from X about when the Articles feature will be made available to all users, particularly as part of the Premium+ subscription offering.
Example Article view on X web

Who Will Benefit from the Articles Feature on X?

When this feature goes live, it will be a big change, especially for content creators, journalists, and thought leaders who are looking for more depth than the traditional tweet can offer. It could transform X into a hub for both quick-fire thoughts and in-depth analysis. Complementing this, readers seeking a clean, distraction-free experience will appreciate the reader mode's attempt to deliver content without the noise often associated with social media platforms.

Understanding X and Its Platform

X (Twitter) has been a platform known for its brevity and real-time updates. With the advent of the Articles feature, X is moving towards embracing long-form written content, which signals a new direction that may provide users with more nuanced perspectives and detailed information. This shift reflects X's commitment to diversifying the kinds of content users can produce and consume, expanding its role in the digital content ecosystem.

Source of Information

The latest insights into this feature come courtesy of X Daily, a dedicated news source for X's updates and features. Several iOS user reports have also corroborated the sighting of the Articles tab, lending credence to the claims of its imminent arrival. For the most current updates, you can follow X Daily's official communication channels.