Twitter rolls out Space Clips feature for iOS users

Explore Twitter's new Space Clips on iOS: Edit and share the latest buzz from Spaces with ease! Snip, post, and engage—try it now.

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Twitter rolls out Space Clips feature for iOS users

In a move to enhance the user experience and cater to the podcast-like environment of X (Twitter) Spaces, Twitter is now rolling out the highly-anticipated feature, Space Clips, to all iOS users. This addition promises to add a new dynamic to how content is shared and engaged with on the platform, taking real-time audio moments and transforming them into shareable clips.

How to make a good Spaces Clip on X:

  1. Locate a trending Twitter Space, identifiable by the fire icon on the bottom right of the Space chip.
  2. Immerse yourself in the conversation and keep an ear out for those spark moments worthy of a clip.
  3. At the desired moment, tap on the new scissors icon located in the bottom right corner of the Spaces widget.
  4. Preview the automatically captured 20-second audio snippet to ensure it contains the intended content.
  5. Tap on the Next button and add a comment to your voice Tweet.
  6. If satisfied, press the send button. The clip will then be shared as a voice message on your feed, accessible to your followers and beyond.

What can I get from it?

Twitter's new "Space Clips" feature stands as an innovative way for users to engage more deeply with Twitter Spaces, the platform's live audio conversation rooms. For content creators, this tool opens up a new avenue to highlight and share thought-provoking or entertaining moments from live discussions. By capturing the last 20 seconds of any Space, creators can easily share snippets that resonate with their followers, potentially increasing their reach and engagement. For listeners and participants, it enriches the Twitter Spaces experience, allowing anyone to not just consume live content but to actively curate and share parts of the conversation that they find most impactful.

Moreover, given that these clips expire after 30 days, it encourages more timely interaction and consumption of content, creating a dynamic and ever-evolving audio landscape on Twitter. This aspect of ephemerality adds a layer of exclusivity and urgency to listening and sharing, making it an exciting feature for early adopters, and content creators who are always on the lookout for new, engaging content to interact with or share. It's unlike any other feature in the social media ecosystem, prioritizing ephemeral, bite-sized content within the realm of live audio, thereby offering a unique user experience that merits exploration and experimentation.

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