Leonardo AI introduces Glasscore style filter element

Discover Leonardo AI's Glasscore, the latest style filter for stunning image creation, unveiled in their 12 Days of Elements event.

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Leonardo AI introduces Glasscore style filter element

In the ever-evolving space of AI-generated content, a new development has emerged from Leonardo AI that is set to add a fresh layer of creativity to image generation. As part of their 12 days of elements event, Leonardo AI has unveiled the Glasscore element – a new style filter designed to infuse your visuals with an additional dimension of artistic flair.

How to Try the Glasscore Element

For those eager to experience the new Glasscore element from Leonardo AI, here's a simple guide to get you started:

  1. Navigate to the Leonardo AI platform and log in with your credentials.
  2. Access the image generation tool within the platform.
  3. In the style filter options, select the new Glasscore element.
  4. Input your desired image concept, such as "cyberpunk robot," and proceed with the generation process.
  5. Observe as Glasscore adds its unique style to your creation, and then download or share your newly stylized image.
Accessing Glasscore element on Leonardo AI

Who Will Benefit from Glasscore?

Prompt engineers and AI early adopters are the main target for this innovative feature. Glasscore presents an intriguing opportunity for creators and designers to experiment with novel visual presentations, particularly those working with science fiction or futuristic themes where the glass-like, transparent textures can significantly enhance visual storytelling.

About Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI has been at the forefront of AI-driven image creation, offering users a playground for transforming ideas into vivid digital art. With a suite of tools designed for both novice users and skilled designers, Leonardo AI continues to push boundaries and expand the potential for creative expression in the digital age.


The information regarding Leonardo AI's new Glasscore style filter for image generation was obtained from a recent tweet by Leonardo AI's official Twitter account. The announcement is part of the "12 days of elements" event hosted by the platform.

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