Twitter got a new share layout that splits "bookmark", "copy" and "share via" actions into a separate row

· 2 min read

When you share a tweet on Android, you enter into a custom share layout that allows you to trigger different intents. Some of them are internal to Twitter app (like "bookmark") and some of them are external (like "share to Telegram").

Twitter app always had this layout split between different sections. Initially, there was a section with rich actions to share a tweet via DM and a separate section at the bottom for the rest (like "copy a link", or "share to another app").

Recently they introduced an additional section in between, that splits "bookmark", "copy link", "share via..." actions out to a separate row.

Now you can also access a list of apps that can capture a Twitter share intent at the bottom as it was before but in a cleaner way.

This layout may look different for different users depending on the number of apps they have or on amount of people they interact with. The "share to DM" section was always dynamic with a list of your recent contacts and the list of apps at the bottom is also scrollable.

For me personally, this change made "bookmark" option more accessible and potentially it can make me use it more often.

Regardless of that, I still wish Twitter to have an easy way to build "collections" (like on Google+ in the past) 🤔

Do you use Twitter's "bookmarks" feature often?