Telegram beta simplifies channel boosting and contact management on Android

Unlock Telegram's new bulk contact deletion and easy channel boosting features with version 10.8.2—streamline your app experience now!

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Telegram beta simplifies channel boosting and contact management on Android

The world of instant messaging is ever-evolving, and Telegram stands at the forefront of this innovation wave with a fresh update in their Android beta client, version 10.8.2, aimed at enhancing user engagement and simplifying contact management. This new release brings a much-awaited feature for users who seek organized communication—bulk contact deletion, as well as an exciting option for channel creators to boost their channels directly from the app interface.

How to Utilize the New Features in Telegram Beta

For those eager to streamline their Telegram contacts or boost their channel’s visibility, here's how you can take advantage of these new tools:

  1. Deleting Contacts in Bulk: Navigate to your contacts list, long-press to select multiple contacts you wish to remove, and simply tap the delete option.
  2. Boosting Your Channel: Go to your channel, tap the three dots menu, and select the ‘Boost Channel’ option to increase your channel’s reach.

Further Context on Telegram's Capabilities

Telegram, known for its heavy emphasis on privacy and speed, is more than just an instant messaging app; it facilitates a thriving ecosystem where users can create and subscribe to channels, exchange files, and even use bots for a multitude of tasks. This update is part of Telegram’s ongoing effort to offer both end-users and creators the tools they need to communicate effectively and grow their communities organically within the platform.

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Source and Reliability

This update was reported via a post on Beta Info (EN), a credible source for timely information on beta versions of popular apps. They provide insights into new features and improvements before they are rolled out to the general public, making it an essential resource for those looking to stay ahead in the tech space.

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