ChatGPT is developing advanced ways to work with data

Discover ChatGPT's latest data analysis V2 model—easily interact and visualize data with intuitive chat commands.

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ChatGPT is developing advanced ways to work with data

In a move that's sure to stir excitement among data enthusiasts and productivity power users alike, ChatGPT has recently intensified its efforts to revolutionize the way we handle spreadsheet data. An innovative 'data analysis V2 model' is in the spotlight, with capabilities to transform data visualization into an interactive experience. Imagine being able to 'reply' to a column in your sheet with a command, like summing up values, and having the task executed effortlessly by ChatGPT. This is coupled with a redesigned view that focuses on a larger data table area while keeping the conversational chat component neatly tucked on the side.

How to Access and Use the New Data Analysis Feature

  • Look out for updates or announcements from ChatGPT regarding the feature rollout to ensure it's available for you.
  • Once rolled out, open your data sheet in ChatGPT, where you should see the new enhanced data table view.
  • Click the 'reply' option on the column where you want to perform a function, such as SUM(), and enter your command.
  • Observe as ChatGPT interprets your request and applies the function to your column, providing you with instant results.
  • Utilize the new chat conversation pane on the right to continue interacting with and analyzing your data, asking for different views, calculations, or insights.
ChatGPT data analysis V2

Who Will Benefit from the Data Analysis V2 Model?

Professionals who manage large sets of data, such as financial analysts, researchers, and marketers, will find this feature particularly helpful. The simplicity that ChatGPT brings to complex data operations can save time and reduce the risk of human error. Prompt engineers and AI early adopters in our audience might appreciate how the intuitive natural language processing makes data analysis more accessible, and the conversational interface streamlines workflows.

ChatGPT data analysis V2

Extending ChatGPT's Horizons Beyond Conversational AI

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is widely recognized for its robust conversational AI capabilities. However, integrating features that meld innovative data analysis with human-like dialogue interaction demonstrates OpenAI's commitment to broadening the utility of ChatGPT. This leap towards more practical applications signifies a potential paradigm shift in how we perceive and interact with AI in everyday tools like spreadsheets.

ChatGPT Alpha
This article can guide you on how to get access to the new alpha and experimental ChatGPT features


This latest update on ChatGPT's capabilities within Google Sheets has been brought to light by a leak shared by Twitter user @btibor91. Their revelation gave us an early glimpse at the new data analysis V2 model that ChatGPT is reportedly introducing.

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