Telegram beta 8.0.0 got an "endless" channel feed and video live stream support for channel voice chats

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Telegram beta 8.0.0 got an "endless" channel feed and video live stream support for channel voice chats

The new channel feed is not endless in fact but it goes through the entire list of your unread channels.


It is very easy to access by pulling up from the bottom of the channel that you've read. Then it will show an icon of the next unread channel that will open so you can decide if you want to go there or not. And so on until you will scroll across the whole unread pile that you have.

Be aware that this may increase the time you spend on Telegram so make sure that you follow worthy channels like @betatestingcatalog and @tgtester 😎

On the other hand, it is good news for channel admins because they will get more views.

Voice Chats

Apart from this, it got long-awaited support for video live streams in channels. Previously this feature was only available in groups. There you can share your screen as well.

Another change in this section is related to the voice chat recording feature. There you can now select if you want to record voice only, portrait or a landscape video.


Gradient colours and animation now can be applied to chat bubbles. There you can find a drop-down menu on top to switch between background, my messages and Accent colour to customize.


Now you can remove sender data from the forwarded message. To do so you will need to click on the cross button to see a popup with 3 different options. In fact, this feature isn't fully working yet and sender name will remain in the message.

A bunch of minor improvements can be found in the stickers section as well. The sticker suggestion section now has a layout with vertical scrolling. The GIFs tab shows animated emojis on the top bar. Tapping on the animoji will show a different set of related GIFs. And last but not least, the stickers section got a bit different layout showing bigger pack previews when you scroll.


A small change can be noticed on the settings screen where you can spot a small Debug section that allows you to share debug logs with Telegram more easily. There is a chance that this section will only remain on the beta version in the future.

To be updated...

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