Future VideoFX tool by Google to include AI audio features

· 1 min read
AI soundtracks in VideoFX

A Storyboard mode on VideoFX will also have an audio generation capability. VideoFX is an upcoming experiment featuring Google’s Veo text-to-video model, announced at Google I/O. Although this tool is not yet available and video generation is still not functional, it promises exciting features.

Storyboard mode will enable users to generate images using the upcoming Imagen3 model and create AI-generated soundtracks. These elements can then be combined into a full video with the Veo model.

It appears that Google aims to outplay its competitors in the video generation field by offering a comprehensive tool for filmmakers. This tool will combine video generation with a timeline feature, allowing creators to produce everything using AI, from images to sounds.

Recently, LumaLabs released its Dream Machine text-to-video model, which currently boasts the best performance. Additionally, labs like Eleven Labs, Suno, and Udio are providing advanced soundtrack generation models. However, it seems that Google’s model is not yet ready, and it’s unclear how long it will take to complete.