Now you can add your Revue newsletter under the Twitter profile and here is how to do it

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Now you can add your Revue newsletter under the Twitter profile and here is how to do it

This feature allows all newsletter creators who use Revue to add a new newsletter section to their Twitter profiles. It will be displayed under profile information and users will be able to subscribe to it straight from the app via several clicks.

This means that now there is no need to pin your newsletter promotion Tweets and you can use it for something different. If your newsletter has the same name as your profile name, you may consider changing that to make it more explanatory. The issue description preview that is getting visualised is quite short so you need to make sure to include the most important info into the first sentence.

UPDATE: Announced globally now 🔥

It was previewed by the Revue team in June and spotted in development by @nima_owji later. Today he shared a way to enable this feature on any profile without a need to wait for the official release.

How to display your Revue newsletter under your Twitter profile

  1. Navigate to the Twitter integration page on Revue.
  2. Enable showing newsletter on Twitter profile.
  3. Select an example issue if needed.

After that, it should appear under your Twitter profile after some time. The example issue is optional and it will add an additional "read it first" button to the subscription flow.

If you don't have the newsletter on Revue yet, you can check how it looks on our @testingcatalog profile page. And don't forget to subscribe to receive the most comprehensive weekly changelog for popular Android Apps 📩

Let's see what will be the conversion rate for this new subscription flow. Do you have a newsletter already?

Tester Context:

  • 📲 Twitter is a popular social network build around short text messages.
  • 📲 Twitter is also available in Beta and you can opt-in as a tester via Google Play.
  • 📲 Twitter is also available in Alpha and you can opt-in by joining its Experiments Google Group
  • 📲 Follow @TestingCatalog on Twitter for the most recent updates.
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