Twitter Drops Ethereum NFT Support for Profile Pictures, Sparks Community Backlash

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Twitter Drops Ethereum NFT Support for Profile Pictures, Sparks Community Backlash
NFT PFP removal from X (Twitter)

In an unexpected move, Twitter has ceased support for using Ethereum-based Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as profile pictures. This significant change, which was implemented without prior notice, has led to the removal of all references to NFT profile pictures from the platform's X-Premium service description. Following this update, users noticed that their Blockchain-verified Profile Pictures (BFP), previously distinguished by a hexagonal frame, were converted into standard images.

The alteration appears to be comprehensive, affecting all Twitter clients including web, iOS, and Android versions. This decision has potential ramifications for the perceived value of the X-Premium subscription, as the NFT profile picture feature was a notable attraction for many users.

X is a rug, flooring my X Premium!

The NFT community has reacted with humour and criticism. Some members have jokingly referred to the X-Premium as a "rug," a term used in the NFT space to denote a scam or betrayal. There's a growing sentiment to "floor" the X-Premium subscription in protest against the removal of the NFT feature. This development marks a notable shift in Twitter's approach to integrating blockchain technology and raises questions about the future of NFTs on social media platforms.

The Broader Context Around X (formerly Twitter) and NFTs

X (formerly known as Twitter) had been steadily making inroads into the decentralized web by amplifying its NFT features, especially amid growing interest from the tech and crypto communities. The incorporation of NFT profile pictures marked a significant nod to blockchain technology's growing intersection with mainstream social media. The withdrawal of such a feature not only impacts users who avidly collected and displayed NFTs but also indicates a potential reshuffling of X's priorities under its new ownership.