OpenSea rolls out email registration and credit card purchases for easier Web3 onboarding

Discover OpenSea's latest update simplifying Web3 with email wallet registration and credit card NFT purchases for seamless onboarding.

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OpenSea rolls out email registration and credit card purchases for easier Web3 onboarding
By with card option on OpenSea

OpenSea, a leading platform in the Web3 space, recently announced a major update aimed at simplifying user entry into the Web3 ecosystem. The update introduces two groundbreaking features.

Firstly, users can now create a crypto wallet on OpenSea using only their email address. This wallet is compatible with nine different blockchains supported by OpenSea, facilitating the buying, selling, or transferring of NFTs. For security, the wallet setup includes two-factor authentication, which can be done via an authenticator app or SMS, although SMS verification is available only in specific countries.


OpenSea Onboarding Intro

The second key feature allows users to purchase NFTs directly with a credit card. This simplifies the process by eliminating the need to first acquire crypto on an exchange and then transfer it to a separate wallet. The integration, powered by MoonPay, is evident in the user interface, where a new option to select a credit card appears next to crypto funds when making a purchase.

How to Experience OpenSea's New Features

  1. Email Registration for Wallet Creation:
    1. Visit OpenSea's official website.
    2. Choose to create a new account.
    3. Select the 'Create with Email' option.
    4. Enter your email address and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your wallet – remember to secure it with two-factor authentication!
Email registration on OpenSea
  1. Credit Card NFT Purchases:
    1. Browse through the extensive collection of NFTs on OpenSea.
    2. Select the NFT you wish to purchase.
    3. When prompted for payment, choose the credit card option, powered by MoonPay.
    4. Complete the transaction with your credit card details and acquire your NFT easily.

Who Stands to Benefit from These Updates?

If you're someone looking to dive into the world of NFTs without the hassle of traditional crypto transactions or complex wallet setups, these features are tailor-made for you. With enhanced accessibility, these updates can serve as a gateway for a broader audience, allowing more people to participate in the Web3 ecosystem.

These updates are a part of OpenSea's initiative to make the Web3 community more inclusive. By making wallet creation and NFT transactions more user-friendly, OpenSea is lowering the entry barriers and enhancing the overall onboarding experience for new users in the Web3 space.