ICYMI: "We're hiring" widget on verified X profiles taps into the job market

Discover the latest "We're hiring" widget on X for verified orgs and streamline your job search with direct LinkedIn listings. Explore now!

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ICYMI: "We're hiring" widget on verified X profiles taps into the job market

In case you missed it, the professional networking landscape is brimming with innovation as a prominent platform—let's call it "X" for the sake of intrigue—has launched a game-changing feature that's grabbing headlines. It's the latest buzz for those with an eye on career opportunities: a "We’re hiring" widget now adorns the profiles of verified organizations on X's platform. This feature is hot on the heels of X's job board rollout and is a clear indicator of the platform's push to become a significant player in the corporate networking and employment ecosystem. For companies, this feature simplifies job vacancy promotion, while job seekers benefit from a new trove of potential opportunities, all culled directly from LinkedIn's extensive database. This not only makes X a formidable contender against the likes of LinkedIn but also transforms it into a comprehensive tool for professional progression and business connections.

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How to Access & Use the 'We’re Hiring' Widget on X

If you're eager to jump on this feature, check the @Runway X profile page

Who Benefits from the 'We’re Hiring' Widget?

The "We’re hiring" widget on X is a boon for both sides of the professional coin. Organizations with a strong presence on X can now leverage their verified status to attract top talent more effectively. Job seekers, particularly those who are already part of the X ecosystem or are avid networkers, will find a streamlined path to new career opportunities. Prompt engineers immersed in cutting-edge technology and AI early adopters will especially appreciate the direct, hassle-free way to discover positions at innovative firms that value forward-thinking professionals.