How to become a beta tester for Clubhouse on Android

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How to become a beta tester for Clubhouse on Android

Clubhouse came to Android almost a year after the iOS release while still being invite-only. Receiving an invite may be tricky because new users will receive the possibility to invite others only after participating in hosted shows or hosting them.

If you still don't have an invite, Twitter could be a good place where you can search for one. Clubhouse have a concept of community invites and sometimes you can just spot such invite links over there.

How to become a beta tester for Clubhouse on Android?

  • Open the OPT-IN link on Google Play.
  • Tap on the "BECOME A TESTER" button.
  • Get back to Google Play and update the app.
Clubhouse: Drop-in audio cha‪t - Apps on Google Play
Hey! We’re working hard to add people to Clubhouse as fast as we can, but right now you need an invite to sign up. Anyone can get one by joining the waitlist, or by asking an existing user for one. We really appreciate your patience and can’t wait to welcome you. Thank you! *** ABOUT CLUBHOUSE C…

Please keep in mind that sometimes it takes time for Google Play to process this operation and you may need to wait up to 4 hours until you can get the app.

If you see a message "beta program is full" it means that the limit on the number of testers that was set by the Clubhouse team was reached and you will need to wait until they increase it.

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