How I got my first NFT for free on Android

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How I got my first NFT for free on Android

After several years of shaping, showcasing new user experiences with emerging technologies from your Android device, became the main goal for TestingCatalog.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are already here and now you may also start hearing about NFTs all around. I want to share my early steps on trying to touch this topic and reveal my experience that you may follow as well.

NFT is a none-fungible-token as you may already know. In simple words, it gives you digital ownership over an asset that is written on a blockchain. Its main difference from a cryptocurrency token is that it has a limited supply. Nowadays you can think about a piece of digital art or an online ticket or another collectible that could be an example of an NFT.

My main goal was to find some Android apps where I can check or play with NFTs and maybe try to get one. In the beginning, I only found Metamask (that has a beta version as well), which is a crypto wallet, where you can also buy crypto and store your NFTs. To get an NFT over there, I would probably need to buy it somewhere on the web so it can appear on the wallet. Instead of doing this, I decided to play with other crypto apps first and this plan got postponed.

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Some day after this, I spotted a tweet by the ENJIN project about the NFT drop that they organize. The picture had a QR code on it and it was saying that they were issuing 50k NFTs in total as a part of the #myfirstNFT campaign.

Scanning a QR code moved me to the Google Play page of an ENJIN wallet that I haven't seen before. After the installation, I got offered to use Samsung's Blockchain Store to configure the wallet.

That's a native blockchain solution by Samsung that also comes being secured by Knox. You don't need to download anything to get a wallet ready but you can also find a separate Samsung's crypto wallet app on the Galaxy Store.

If you are not on Samsung, the Enjin wallet app should be able to create a crypto wallet on its own.

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After this preparation was over, I scanned the QR code once again and got redirected to the NFT collection page. On that page, I was able to see 3 different NFTs that had different chances of being claimed. After spinning the wheel, I randomly got one of them and it was saying that it will be transferred to me soon. It wasn't super clear until the end if I would need to pay any crypto fee to be able to receive it because all the assets were marked with a 0.01 JENJ base value. In addition to this, it also takes time for an NFT to be transferred to your wallet and this delay depends on the load on a blockchain at a certain time. In my case, it took around 30 minutes until it appeared on the wallet and it was absolutely free!

The asset itself is displayed as an image with a text description. After opening, you have buttons to send, sell or migrate it to a different network. It also has a piece of information about its supply, IDs and history.

How to get more NFTs?

If you don't consider buying them, it worth checking around crypto communities on Twitter and Telegram and follow them to know if they are planing any future drops. This type of activity is one of the ways for these projects to do marketing. Interesting to point out that such apps are called DAPPS - decentralised apps and if you will install Samsung's Wallet app, you will even see that it has a separate marketplace for Dapps inside 🤯

Wanna know more about DAPPs and NFTs? Follow the Android DAPPS channel to stay tuned!