A huge reason why web3 adoption is lagging behind

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A huge reason why web3 adoption is lagging behind

How many of you are surfing from mobile? I do use it 90% of the time I interact with new web3 projects. Every time I do it, it is a roulette - if the "Connect Wallet" button will open a pop-up or not (and it is a 50% chance here that it won't).

Then, if Wallet Connect will trigger a native wallet selection (typically it does), if the selected wallet will load a sign prompt (depends on the wallet most of the time) and finally if sign approval will navigate back to the website where the wallet is successfully connected (again a 50% chance that also depends a lot on the browser).

Ignoring all the interim procedures, there are multiple steps where your user experience will get broken and the conversion rate for the selected web3 product will go down. Such an obstacle is impossible to imagine these days on web2 cuz you will pay 10 times more on marketing in this case, hurting your unit economy.

This onboarding responsibility is split among Wallet Connect SDK, web3 website builders, mobile wallet apps and mobile browsers. What can go wrong? 😁

I was testing 0xFrens dapp recently and want to take them as an example. They use Wallet Connect 2.0 which has a new updated UI. I use Chrome + Trust Wallet by default.

Chrome, cuz one of the most popular browsers out there (and ofc I have 10 other alternatives including crypto native variants but most users don't)

Trust Wallet - because so far its Android app works the best among all other competitors.

As a result - selecting Trust Wallet opens a new page asking to download the app, finds an actual app on the step after, prompts a signature but returns back to the previous page without connecting my wallet to the dapp.

Picking Rainbow wallet makes it crash on a second attempt. Forcing me to switch to the desktop browser or a browser inside the wallet app itself.

For early adopters or for experienced web3 users it won't be a problem. But imagine a user who installed his first wallet just a week ago.

If you are a web3 builder and have a "connect" button on your website - do you measure a churn rate from non-web3 native marketing channels? I won't be surprised if it will be insane.

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It will take time for tech and dapps to catch up. It will take for user attention to shift. But for now, this fact came to me as a need to share and report such broken experiences. And I encourage you to do the same 🔥