Gboard's recent update brings Emoji 12.0 support for Q, easy access to your clipboard, and more

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Gboard's recent update brings Emoji 12.0 support for Q, easy access to your clipboard, and more

Gboard is a very advanced virtual keyboard, made by not someone else but Google themselves. Apart from having top-notch word prediction capabilities, dictionary syncing, built-in theming options, and so on, with the newest update, it gets even smarter and useful than ever.

Version 8.3.9 from June 3rd is set out to come with support for Android Q and Emoji 12.0. Furthermore, it now provides easier access to the bundled clipboard tool with snippets and whatnot, remembers the skin tone and gender preferences for your emojis, lets you import and export your personal dictionary words, and, in addition, from now on you can delete your Google search history directly from the keyboard itself. To do so, you just have to long-press on the search keywords that you have used last. Besides, an important usability change that you may appreciate is support for vertical scrolling for expressions, i.e., minis. If you aren't familiar, Gboard's 'minis' feature lets you create custom emoji/sticker packs. You can decide on all sorts of visual aspects for your minis, like, for example, hairstyle, hair and eye color, and so much more. It is super cool!

Here is also the changelog for the aforementioned 8.3.9 Gboard release on the Play Store.

What's new

• Support for Emoji 12.0 in Android Q
• Sticky preferences for emoji skin tone and gender
• Clipboard: quick access to your favorite snippets
• Import/export personal dictionary words
• Long press to delete search history
• Vertical scrolling for expressions (Beta)
• Join our beta program -

If you'd like to be one of the first people to try out fancy new features and bug fixes in advance, then ensure that you become a beta tester by going to the sign-up section down below, and of course, applying.

Source: Google Play