Clubhouse users can now add Instagram and Twitter handles to their profiles and do a bit more

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Clubhouse users can now add Instagram and Twitter handles to their profiles and do a bit more

Clubhouse for Android continues closing gaps with its iOS version that is almost a year older. This time users got a possibility to add Twitter and Instagram profiles to their bio. It will ask you to authorise those networks to pull the data from them directly.

In this way, Clubhouse will probably know about you and your connections a bit more than you want because alternatively, they could just give you an edit text field to write your handle there.

Apart from this, you can now see all upcoming events on the club pages and follow users straight from the room view.

Source: Clubhouse

What's New?

Add your Instagram 📷 and Twitter 🐤 accounts to your profile! We've heard you loud and clear—this has been the most requested Android feature and it's here! Adding social accounts to your profile is a great way to help people on Clubhouse get to know you better, follow your other accounts, and DM you—if your IG/Twitter settings allow for it. To get started, just go to your profile and tap "Add Twitter" or "Add Instagram," and then link your accounts.
Follow people and clubs right straight from the room. Starting today, we're making it even easier to follow great speakers and clubs directly from their rooms. After you're in a room for a couple minutes, you'll see a reminder to follow the club or speakers in the room at the bottom of the screen. Just tap "Follow" to see their future rooms in your Hallway, and to get notified when they go live!
More upcoming events on club pages. Now you can easily find out when a club has more than one upcoming event. Just go to the club page and you'll see all its upcoming events—and be able to scroll through them if there's more than one. If the an event looks interesting, remember to tap the bell 🔔 to RSVP and get notified when it begins!

How to add your Twitter and Instagram handles to Clubhouse profile on Android:

  • Open your profile page on Clubhouse.
  • Tap on the Add Twitter or Add Instagram button.
  • Authorise in the selected Social network.
  • Grant Clubhouse permission to see your user profile.
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