ChatGPT got an updated UI with a history breakdown and an option to clear your conversations

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ChatGPT got an updated UI with a history breakdown and an option to clear your conversations

Attention! OpenAI has just released a small but significant update to ChatGPT4 that you should know about. This update not only enhances the user interface but also allows you to clear your conversations, and it seems more users are getting access to the ChatGPT4 API. Let's dive into the details!

Enhanced UI with History Breakdown

The ChatGPT4 interface now provides an improved way of displaying conversation history. Historical conversations are now organized by date, making it easier for you to locate specific discussions and track your work progress. This update is sure to streamline your workflow and help you manage your text content more effectively.

Clear Conversations Option

Users now have the ability to clear past conversations from the 3-dot settings menu. This feature offers you more control over your chat history, making it simple to declutter your workspace and maintain privacy when needed. The introduction of this feature follows a previous upgrade, where OpenAI gave users the option to opt out of using their data for training purposes.

Expanded API Access

Last but not least, OpenAI has initiated another invite wave, granting more users access to the ChatGPT4 API. This means that an increasing number of content creators can now leverage the powerful capabilities of ChatGPT4 to enhance their text content production.

Whether you're drafting blog posts, creating social media captions, or writing scripts, the ChatGPT4 API offers endless possibilities to elevate your content.

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