WrapCast rolls out group chats for Farcaster users

Explore WrapCast's Group Chats for Farcaster—enhance your network communication with custom chat options.

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WrapCast rolls out group chats for Farcaster users

With this latest update, users visiting WrapCast can now easily create a group chat by navigating to the direct messages tab. There, a new option is available to form a group with individuals they follow. This feature not only allows the creation of a group chat but also offers personalization options. Users can edit the group's name and choose a profile picture, adding a personal touch to their group conversations.

Moreover, understanding the need for uninterrupted focus, WrapCast has incorporated an option to mute group chats. This is especially useful for managing conversations in groups that may become overly active or 'noisy.'

How to Access and Utilize Group Chats in WrapCast

  1. Navigate to the WrapCast client and log in to your Farcaster account.
  2. Go to the direct messages tab, where you'll now see an option to create a new group chat.
  3. Select the individuals you follow who you wish to include in the group chat.
  4. Customize your group chat by setting a unique name and choosing a profile picture that represents the group's ethos.
  5. If needed, mute the group chat to manage notifications and maintain your focus.

This new functionality aims to enhance the overall communication experience on Farcaster, making it more versatile and user-friendly. Group chats on WrapCast promise to be a game-changer for users seeking more dynamic and engaging ways to connect with their network.

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