ChatGPT prepares to release Personalization with an updated FAQ

Explore ChatGPT's unreleased 'Personalization' and 'Connected Apps' features that tailor and enhance AI experiences.

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ChatGPT prepares to release Personalization with an updated FAQ

Welcome to the forefront of AI innovation, where we dive into the latest developments from ChatGPT. Excitement abounds as two hidden gems, 'Personalization' and 'Connected Apps', begin shaping the future of this conversational AI platform. Though still in the realm of internal testing and specific feature flags, these advances promise a revolution in how we customize and integrate AI into our digital workflows. For those wishing to experience these cutting-edge features, patience is key. Here's what we know about accessing them:

ChatGPT Personalisation feature

The 'Personalization' feature, initially a subject of leaks and later confirmed through OpenAI's FAQ, is designed to allow users to tailor their ChatGPT experience. This can be managed via a new tab in the settings, with the capability to toggle the feature on or off. Notably, this feature is restricted to general GPT models and includes a temporary chat option where personalization settings are not applied.

Temporary chat option on ChatGPT
Temporary chat on ChatGPT

Separately, the 'Connected Apps' feature represents a significant leap in ChatGPT's functionality. It facilitates the integration with services like Google Drive and Microsoft 365, enabling ChatGPT to access and potentially utilize data from various documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. This feature, while not linked to the personalization update, follows a similar innovative trajectory in enhancing AI interactivity and utility.

Connected Apps tab on ChatGPT

About ChatGPT: ChatGPT, the AI phenomenon from OpenAI, is more than a conversational partner; it's revolutionized our expectations of AI interaction, combining deep learning with human-like dialogue. With continuous improvements and integration capabilities, the platform stands not just as a novelty but as a potential staple in productivity and personalization.

ChatGPT Alpha
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