Worldcoin free grants value soars to 800$ following OpenAI's Sora AI announcement

Discover how Worldcoin's $WLD grants reach $1k with Sora AI's surge. Explore OpenAI's humanity-proof blockchain vision.

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Worldcoin free grants value soars to 800$ following OpenAI's Sora AI announcement

A recent stir in the crypto space has been observed as OpenAI's latest announcement about Sora AI has positively impacted the value of Worldcoin ($WLD), a cryptocurrency project backed by the same CEO, Sam Altman, known for his role in OpenAI. The coin's valuation is reported to be soaring, reaching towards a staggering 800$ USD which you can receive for free in grants, presenting an intriguing opportunity for crypto enthusiasts and tech-savvy investors alike.

How to Participate in Worldcoin Grants

  1. Visit Worldcoin's official website or app to get started.
  2. Create an account by providing the necessary details.
  3. Upon verification, you may be eligible to participate in Worldcoin's orb scanning process, designed to ensure uniqueness of participants and prevent fraudulent activities.
  4. Follow the instructions to claim your free $WLD grant, which can then be stored in a compatible wallet or used in the Worldcoin ecosystem.

Benefitting From the Surge

With the upswing in Worldcoin's value, prompt engineers and AI early adopters are particularly poised to benefit. These groups are often the first to engage with emerging technologies, and they can leverage their deep understanding of AI and blockchain to make informed decisions about participating in Worldcoin's project. The increased grant value potentially offers significant ROI for those who engage with the platform early.

About Worldcoin

Worldcoin is conceptualized as a unique cryptocurrency venture with the goal of distributing a share of $WLD to every person on earth. It employs biometric data to issue coins and prevent the prevalence of deep fakes and fraudulent accounts. The recent surge is attributed to OpenAI's announcement of the Sora AI, which has heightened the credibility and visibility of projects associated with Sam Altman, thereby increasing Worldcoin's appeal in the tech community.

Source and Credibility

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