'twttr' is a new official Twitter app and here's how you can sign up for it

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'twttr' is a new official Twitter app and here's how you can sign up for it

Twitter has indeed launched a new mobile app, where they call it "a prototype," specially made for testing upcoming features and changes. More importantly, with the initial build, they are focusing on making conversations easier to read and interact, thus, the most noticeable difference of twttr from the current Twitter app is the totally new threaded interface for replies.

To begin with, Twitter has added "a different format for replies, where conversations themselves have a more rounded chat-like shape and are indented so they’re easier to follow." The other thing that sets the new app apart are the color-coded replies letting you better distinguish replies from the original poster and other users.

Furthermore, to keep you focused on the replies, they have hidden stats like number of favorites and retweets, including sharing options altogether, just so to simplify reading through long threads even more. Very promising!

Sign up for the new twttr beta

Sign-ups for this beta have started last month, though, very recently invites have begun rolling out. To sign up, users have to fill in the Twitter Prototype Program Application Form and then wait for a confirmation email with instructions on how to install the beta depending on the chosen platform.

Here is also the tweet by @TwitterSupport from March 11 that officially announced the rollout.

The initial beta is for iOS as of right now, but Android users will not have to wait much either because, reportedly, twttr for Android is coming pretty soon.

This new initiative by Twitter tells us a story that simpler is always better. Rather than cramming your screen with unnecessary buttons and UI elements that are too disturbing, they are betting on a more minimalistic and modern approach this time. (Facebook, it is your turn!)

Source: 9to5Mac