Fleksy 9.8 beta for Android brings 4 new Fleksyapps and their Felksynext smart assistant

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Fleksy 9.8 beta for Android brings 4 new Fleksyapps and their Felksynext smart assistant

Keyboard apps for Android that have additional features are pretty much standard these days. They offer direct access to GIFs, stickers, Google search result from the Internet, and so much more. A keyboard of this kind is Fleksy, which comes bundled with their proprietary Fleksyapps or add-ons per se. The newest major beta release of the app, version 9.8.0, delivers a set of four new add-ons as well as integration with their in-house developed smart assistant. Let's check out the release notes and continue afterward with our usual insight portion.

What’s new

Welcome Fleksy 9.8: our biggest update so far this year!

  • NEW: We have further optimized memory consumption.
  • We have added 4 new Fleksyapps: Vlipsy, Skyscanner, Emogi and Gifnote (US only).
  • We have released our smart assistant Fleksynext. It recommends services and content such as stickers or restaurants while you type. Try typing "Let's eat sushi tonight"! Available in English (US).

Have fun!

New Fleksyapps

As we said previously, in this beta have been included four new Flkesyapps. The first one, Vlipsy, is a source for funny and short video clips, sort of like GIFs but with sound. On the other hand, Skyscanner offers cheap flight tickets, hotel rooms, and car hire while Emogi lets you look up animated stickers. Lastly, with Gifnote you can mix up GIFs with tracks from your music artists and send pre-made combinations too. To access all Fleksyapps, just tap on the search icon above the keyboard.

Fleksynext smart assistant

Fleksy's smart assistant, Fleksynext, has abilities such as recommending you restaurants and stickers while you type. You can try writing "Let's eat..." and you will get instant suggestions with great places to eat nearby, all sourced from Yelp.

Fleksy 9.8.0 beta is available on the Play Store with many new features and optimizations in regards to RAM consumption. Be sure to apply for testing the app through our website where you can find lots of valuable content about software testing, with more to come in the future.

Source: Google Play