Snapchat prepping Bitmoji TV for a February 2020 launch

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Snapchat prepping Bitmoji TV for a February 2020 launch

At the beginning of February 2020, Snapchat is set to launch its brand new Bitmoji TV series. Uncovered by TechCrunch in a recent article, Snap Inc. is indeed working on bringing out their customizable series of cartoon shows, where you'll be able to use your own Bitmoji avatars.

As a backstory, Bitmojis are the state of art cartoon avatars featuring users and represent their expressions and feelings, with basically no limits of added personalization options.

Snapchat embracing the Bitmoji concept and releasing Bitmoji TV to the public is maybe what's needed to separate them from the crowd. Because all other social media platforms have shamelessly stolen its past ideas - the Stories concept and the AR Lenses to such an extent, it caused Snap to lose the vast majority of its millions of users.

There are currently no other details known about the service, and the PRs of the company are keeping things in deep secret. Hopefully, we'll get to see the new Bitmoji TV service in February, which we are only two months shy of.

Source: TechCrunch