Perplexity to challenge Google with new search assistants

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New Perplexity search assistants

Perplexity is developing new search assistants aimed at shopping, local business discovery, and news aggregation. These assistants will search through specific platforms like Yelp for local businesses, Shopify and Klarna for products, and news headlines for current events. Tako will provide live data for the stock market. This feature is still in development and not yet available to the public.

New Perplexity search assistants

To reproduce the user experience, follow these steps (only when available):

  1. Open the Perplexity app.
  2. Select the desired search assistant (Yelp, Shopping, News, or Tako).
  3. Enter the search query.
  4. Review the results provided by the assistant.
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New Perplexity search assistants

The user experience will vary based on the assistant used. For Yelp, users will see local business results displayed on a map. For Shopping, users will receive direct product links from platforms like Shopify and Klarna. For News, users will see aggregated news headlines. For Tako, users will get live stock market data.

Perplexity is an AI-powered search tool designed to provide specialized search results. It was developed to offer users a more focused search experience by querying specific platforms. The app is available on Android, iOS, and Web.

New Perplexity search assistants

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