Perplexity plans web release of updated Discover feed with more topics

· 1 min read
A new Perplexity Discover feed

Perplexity is working on its new updated Discover feed for the web, which will introduce coverage for an extended list of different topics. This is similar to a feature being tested on iOS, indicating that this feature might be released soon 👇

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A new Perplexity Discover feed

On the new Discover page, you will see the same drop-down where you can select between "For You" aggregation, and other topics like Tech, Sports, etc. On the right-side widget, it will prompt you to select your interests—essentially these topics—which can then be saved. These selections can also be modified later in a separate pop-up window.

A new Perplexity Discover feed

Currently, the Discover feed only contains tech news, which limits its value to users. This upcoming release aims to make the Discover feed more valuable by diversifying the topics covered. Even now, this feature already provides access to certain pages created by Perplexity, but they don't have many views because they are not visible to everyone. This feature is still not available to the public and is hidden behind a feature flag. Let's see if it will be released anytime soon.