Anthropic's ClaudeAI to unveil new UX with improved prompt suggestions

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A new ClaudeAI UI

An upcoming redesigned ClaudeAI UX will include prompt suggestions along with a list of your recent chats.

This UI enhancement is a part of a broader UI overhaul which is not yet available to end users. It also features a sidebar for chat history, a recent chats page with search capabilities, Starred conversations and more.

It seems that suggested prompts are much more expanded than ChatGPT.

"Generate interview questions" example:

Your task is to generate a series of thoughtful, open-ended questions for an interview based on the given context. The questions should be designed to elicit insightful and detailed responses from the interviewee, allowing them to showcase their knowledge, experience, and critical thinking skills. Avoid yes/no questions or those with obvious answers. Instead, focus on questions that encourage reflection, self-assessment, and the sharing of specific examples or anecdotes. You are interviewing a candidate for a marketing manager position at a well-established e-commerce company. The ideal candidate should have experience developing and executing multi-channel marketing campaigns, strong analytical skills, and the ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams. They should also be passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and technologies.
ClaudeAI new suggested prompts
ClaudeAI new suggested prompts

ClaudeAI is a sophisticated AI chatbot developed by Anthropic, a startup founded by former OpenAI employees. It is designed to engage in natural, human-like conversations and perform a variety of tasks, including summarisation, editing, Q&A, decision-making, and code-writing.