Perplexity AI releases voice-to-voice conversations to Pro users on iOS

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Perplexity AI releases voice-to-voice conversations to Pro users on iOS

On April 25, 2024, Perplexity AI introduced a new feature for its iOS app, enabling a "voice-to-voice" where users can ask questions aloud and receive spoken responses from AI. This addition, exclusive to Perplexity Pro subscribers on the iOS platform, marks a step in making information retrieval more convenient through speech. By simply speaking to the app, iOS users can now in a dialogue with Perplexity's AI, receiving instant answers spoken back to them. This voice conversation capability mirrors similar functions found in other apps like ChatGPT, allowing for a hands-free and more accessible way to interact with technology.

To experience this new feature, users need to ensure they have the latest version of the Perplexity AI app for iOS. Upon opening the app, selecting the voice feature, and granting the necessary permissions for microphone access are essential preliminary steps. Users can then initiate a conversation by asking questions verbally, to which the AI will respond in kind.


Perplexity Voice UI

This introduction of voice by Perplexity AI aligns with the app's objective to provide a seamless information retrieval process. Developed by a team focused on pushing the boundaries of AI and recently attaining a valuation of $1.04 billion, Perplexity's venture into voice-enabled technology signifies its dedication to and improving accessibility. The feature's availability on the iOS platform adds to the app's appeal to iPhone and iPad users, offering them a novel way to with AI technologies.

Perplexity AI's rapid development and the introduction of the voice conversation feature underline its commitment to evolving user experiences in the realm of artificial intelligence. Through this implementation, iOS users now have the luxury of engaging in conversational exchanges with AI, further bridging the gap between human and technology.