Arc browser rolls out cross-device tab syncing, teases Android app development

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Arc browser device sync
Arc browser device sync

Arc Browser, a web browsing tool, recently introduced a feature allowing synchronization of tabs, folders, and spaces across Mac and Windows versions by signing in with the same email and enabling the Sync feature in the settings. This advancement was part of update version 1.35. Additionally, Arc Browser announced the development of an Android app, signaling its creation as a priority. The browser's iOS version received an update to improve compatibility with the Mac version through the "Sidebar Sync for Arc Members" in version 1.11.3, permitting access to Spaces and tabs on the move. This update became available on April 25, 2024. Despite these progressions, the ability to sync history, passwords, extensions, favorite tabs, and profiles remains in planning.

To utilize this new syncing feature, users must update their applications on all devices, sign in using the same email, and activate the Sync feature in the settings. Currently, the iOS app primarily functions as a sidebar sync tool rather than offering the full capabilities expected from mobile browsers. This situation showcases the ongoing evolution of cross-device synchronization, alongside the journey to fulfill mobile browsing needs entirely.

Feedback from users indicates an enhanced coherence across devices, emphasizing the ease of accessing stored tabs and spaces when moving between desktop and mobile. The awaited full-functionality Android mobile browser reflects the desires for a comprehensive and cohesive browsing tool across different platforms.

About Arc Browser: Arc Browser aims to offer a unified browsing experience across multiple devices. Produced by an enthusiastic team, its goal is to aid in productivity and organization with features like tab, folder, and space synchronization across various operating systems. With continuous updates, Arc Browser is extending its reach, including iOS devices, with future plans for Android support.