GPT Store leak unveils new UI and features ahead of launch

Explore the leaked GPT Store UI features and layout on TestingCatalog. Get a sneak peek of the new Explore page, GPT categories, and more.

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GPT Store leak unveils new UI and features ahead of launch
A leaked UI of GPT Store by OpenAI

Recently, a leak on Twitter unveiled the upcoming GPT Store's user interface, offering a glimpse into the future layout and features following the latest GPT update on the web. The leak, shared by @Imrat, showcased a screenshot where the GPT Store appears to replace the current Explore page for custom GPTs. This development was briefly accessible due to a feature flag in the update. Key Highlights from the Leak:

  • New Location for GPT Store: It's poised to substitute the existing Explore page, centralizing access to custom GPTs.
  • Featured GPTs: The UI displays GPTs crafted by the ChatGPT team, emphasizing the in-house creations.
  • Personal GPTs Access: An exclusive button for accessing personal GPTs hints at a dedicated space for user-created GPTs.
  • Search Functionality: A search bar will enable users to explore public GPTs effortlessly.
  • Categorization for Easy Navigation: Categories include Top Picks, DALL·E, Writing, Research, Programming, Education, Productivity, and Lifestyle.
  • Featured Section: Mirroring the current layout, it predominantly showcases official OpenAI GPTs.
  • Trending GPTs Tab: Displaying the 6 most popular GPTs with their names, descriptions, creator profiles, and chat counts.

The leaked screenshot doesn't clarify the sorting criteria for the trending list, though chat count appears to be a significant metric for gauging popularity. The exact launch date of the GPT Store remains uncertain, but the leak suggests it's in the production testing phase with internal users and testers.

In anticipation of the GPT Store's launch, users are encouraged to try the TestingCatalog's AI News GPT and share their feedback.

Note: This information is based on a leaked screenshot and might not fully represent the final version of the GPT Store UI.

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