Now you can add podcasts to the playlist on Spotify for Android

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Now you can add podcasts to the playlist on Spotify for Android

According to the official blog post, this feature is now available to everyone who has Spotify installed on their Android. It allows you to add your favourite podcasts to the playlist. You can either make a playlist with podcasts only, either you can mix podcasts with your favourite music.

This feature went public on 30 of September while it was spotted in testing on May by @wongmjane on Twitter.

This feature was enabled on the server-side as there was no new client-side update recently.

In order to try this feature out, you can open any podcast episode you like and there will be a new "add to playlist" button below.

The whole idea of having a playlist of podcasts is great and I can easily imagine some useful collections with best episodes in a particular topic. Having a possibility to mix podcasts with music sounds more like a fun functionality rather than a something I would specifically looking for.

At the same time, this feature is not available on the desktop yet but you can play your playlists out there already. In order to do that you will need to build your playlist on your phone first.

I guess that a post about podcasts is also a good chance to share some cool podcasts I am listening too. Obviously, I have all podcasts from big Android news publishers in my list "Android Police", "Android Central", "Android Authority" and of course "All About Android" where TestingCatalog was featured 2 years ago 😀 Apart from these 4, I would suggest looking into "Geekout with Matt Navarra" if you are interested in social media apps.

Did you already found any amazing podcast playlists to listen to? Share them below!

Source: Spotify Blog