ICYMI: Wrapcast introduces NFT gating for group chats and the new Frames feature

Unlock the latest Wrapcast features: NFT-gated chats, shareable cast images & interactive frames for developers. Explore now!

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ICYMI: Wrapcast introduces NFT gating for group chats and the new Frames feature

In the ever-evolving world of social communication and digital assets, Wrapcast is pushing the envelope by integrating NFTs into the mix. The latest update unveils an intriguing feature that’s sure to pique the interest of NFT enthusiasts and community builders alike: creating NFT-gated group chats via mobile. This innovative move allows users to set an OpenSea collection as a prerequisite for joining a group chat. In addition, web users can now share casts as images, a convenient new way to disseminate content visually. Furthermore, for the developers out there, Wrapcast is introducing a way to build interactive frames within casts, leveraging the open graph technology to incorporate polls, NFT galleries, and even subscribe buttons, as demonstrated by Paragraph's ongoing tests.

How to Utilize Wrapcast's New Features

NFT-Gated Group Chats:

  1. Open Wrapcast on your mobile device and navigate to the group chat you wish to gate.
  2. Tap on the 'Invite' section within the group chat settings.
  3. Select the option to add an OpenSea collection as a gating requirement. Follow the prompts to link the desired collection.
NFT gating on Wrapcast

Sharing Casts as Images: (Web only)

  1. Go to the Wrapcast web platform and locate the cast you want to share.
  2. Click on the three-dot menu adjacent to the post.
  3. From the dropdown, select the option to share the cast as an image.
Share as an image on Wrapcast

Building Frames Inside Casts:

  1. As a developer, access the Wrapcast development tools and open graph functionality.
  2. Create interactive elements such as polls or galleries within your development environment.
  3. Embed these interactive frames directly into your Wrapcast casts, ready for user engagement.

Who Will Benefit From These Features?

Wrapcast's new features are tailored for tech-savvy audience members, especially those already immersed in the NFT space, or those seeking richer interactive content. NFT collectors can create exclusive communities, thereby adding value to their collections and fostering engagement. Developers can leverage the new open graph-based frames to enhance the interactivity of their casts, enticing users with more dynamic content. Publishers like Paragraph can now experiment with direct call-to-action features such as subscribe buttons, embedded right within the content, optimizing user conversion rates.

Exploring Wrapcast's Endeavors

Wrapcast continues to astonish with its foray into combining social media dynamics with the latest tech trends like NFTs. By harnessing the appeal of exclusive digital collectibles, Wrapcast is positioning itself as not just a place for conversation, but also a hub for digital asset enthusiasts. By enabling more immersive and gated experiences, they expand the utility of NFTs beyond mere ownership to becoming keys that unlock unique social spaces. With features catering specifically to developers and content creators, Wrapcast is fostering a creative and engaging environment that encourages innovation.

Source of the News

These latest features were spotlighted through a series of announcements across social media platforms, including a feature highlight by Wrapcast's official channels. Enthusiastic users and developers have been buzzing about the potential these additions bring to Wrapcast's platform. Specifically, Wrapcast’s innovative approach to combining NFT functionality with group chat dynamics has garnered attention, emphasizing the app’s commitment to leading the charge in integrating blockchain technology with social media tools.