ICYMI: Discord releases its new Member tab to more channels

Discover Discord's new Members tab to streamline server management with mass actions and user insights for admins—try it now!

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ICYMI: Discord releases its new Member tab to more channels

In the dynamic landscape of online communication, Discord continues to enhance user experience, this time with the introduction of a new Members tab designed for channel management. Emphasizing simplicity and efficiency, this feature allows for a smoother way of overseeing channel participants, boasting capabilities such as mass user actions and a streamlined interface for role management and user analysis.

How to utilize the new Members tab on Discord

If you're ready to streamline your member management on Discord, follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Navigate to the server panel and select the "Members" option.
  2. There you'll find a list of all channel members, including bots. Keep in mind, that the initial loading may take a moment.
  3. To manage multiple users at once, utilize the mass select options.
  4. From here, you can ban, timeout, or kick users as necessary.
  5. Click on a user to bring up detailed views and manage roles directly from this page.
  6. Additionally, keep an eye out for the suspicious activity indicator, which can help identify users engaging in alarming behaviour, such as excessive DMs to other members.

Who Benefits From the Discord Members Tab?

This new Members tab is particularly valuable for server owners, moderators, and community managers who are tasked with maintaining a safe and organized environment. The ability to quickly perform mass actions like bans and timeouts, manage roles efficiently, and detect potential issues through user behaviour monitoring can vastly improve the moderation workflow, especially for our audience of early adopters looking to keep their servers at the cutting edge.

More About Discord

Discord has become a staple in the online community space, offering a robust platform for gamers, developers, and tech enthusiasts alike. Its server-based structure provides a versatile environment for collaboration, discussion, and networking. With the platform constantly evolving, incorporating more features that cater to productivity and management, Discord stands as a powerful tool for building and maintaining digital communities.

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This information was taken from a tweet by "Wumpus Central" on X, revealing that the new Members tab feature is available to 50% of servers with further rollout expected. The tweet was published recently and can be found directly on their official page. As an innovative platform, TestingCatalog is committed to verifying feature releases, and our author has personally tested the new Members tab on both the desktop and web versions of Discord to ensure the accuracy of this report.

The credibility of "Wumpus Central" as the source of this news lies in its official capacity to speak for Discord's platform updates and new feature releases. Moreover, our team at TestingCatalog always ensures to cross-check and experience new updates firsthand to provide trustworthy information to our readers.