[Update: Rolling Out] ChatGPT will soon let you talk with many custom GPTs at once

Discover the latest ChatGPT update for seamless custom GPT integration, enhancing workflow efficiency for prompt engineers.

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[Update: Rolling Out] ChatGPT will soon let you talk with many custom GPTs at once

ChatGPT continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, and TestingCatalog has just caught wind of an intriguing new feature set to revolutionize the way users handle multiple custom GPT models. This latest enhancement is designed to seamlessly weave custom GPTs, like the specialized TestingCatalog News GPT, directly into the main ChatGPT interface, promising a much more fluid and cohesive user experience.

BREAKING: Rolling out to everyone on 30.01.24
ChatGPT Mention feature for custom GPTs

How to Mention Custom GPTs:

The feature is still in development, and as such, isn't widely available yet. However, here's what to expect once it rolls out:

  1. Access the ChatGPT interface as usual once the feature is released.
  2. Type "@" to open a GPT selection pop-up.
  3. A pop-up will allow you to select a custom GPT from a list of your recently used or favourite GPTs.
  4. After selection, your chosen custom GPT's responses will blend seamlessly into the ongoing conversation without losing context.
  5. Switch between different GPTs as needed, all within the same interface window.
An example conversation with multiple GPTs in one chat

Who Benefits from This Integration?

For our audience of prompt engineers and AI early adopters, the benefits of this feature are manifold:

  • It streamlines the process of switching between custom GPT models, drastically reducing workflow interruptions 🔥
  • Seamless context sharing across different GPTs will enrich interactions and maintain conversation flow 🔥
  • The capability of custom GPTs to perform actions enhances their practical use in real-world applications 🔥
  • Supervised interaction means manual oversight is minimized, leading to more efficient multitasking 🔥

Understanding the Primary ChatGPT Interface

For the uninitiated, ChatGPT is an AI-driven platform that facilitates interactive conversation via a text-based interface. Initially developed by OpenAI, it employs sophisticated machine learning algorithms to generate human-like responses, making it a powerful tool for customer support, content creation, and countless other applications. This new feature indicates a concerted effort to broaden the usability of ChatGPT, by offering customized AI tools within a centralized, more user-friendly environment.

ChatGPT Alpha
This article can guide you on how to get access to the new alpha and experimental ChatGPT features

Source Breakdown

These unreleased features were initially spotted in the source code by Glenn 'devalias' Grant.

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