GPT Store now has social links, new about pages, and 5-star ratings

Discover the revamped GPT Store: link Github, LinkedIn on profiles, rate GPTs, and explore enhanced about pages. Experience the update now!

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GPT Store now has social links, new about pages, and 5-star ratings

OpenAI's GPT Store has rolled out its most extensive update since its inception, infusing the platform with a suite of enhancements designed to elevate the connection between GPT builders and users. This update arrives with much anticipation, unlocking new avenues for interaction and exploration within the GPT ecosystem.

A new Grimore GPT about page

How To Explore the New Features

The latest GPT Store update brings a series of additions, and here's how you can navigate through them:

  1. Visit the GPT Store and hover over a builder profile to see their newly linked GitHub, LinkedIn, or X profiles.
  2. To rate a GPT, select the 'Leave Feedback' or 'Rate GPT' option, visible both on the web and mobile versions, and choose your star rating.
  3. Access the enhanced GPT About pages to view the GPT's rating, category, and list of conversation starters.

Although not currently available, keep an eye out for the feature that will showcase other GPTs by the same builder, as hinted by OpenAI.

Leaving GPT feedback and rating

Who Benefits from This Update?

The update is most beneficial to:

  • GPT Builders: Having the ability to link social profiles like GitHub, LinkedIn, and X provides builders with greater exposure and networking potential, paving the way for collaborations and recognition within the community.
  • GPT Users: User experience is significantly enhanced through the introduction of 5-star ratings, making it easier to discern the quality of GPTs and make informed decisions. The enriched About pages serve as a comprehensive guide to using the GPTs effectively.
  • Prompt Engineers and AI Early Adopters: Those who are always in the frontline of testing and integrating new AI technologies can now dive into richer, more informative GPT experiences and connect with creators on a professional level.
GPT Builder profile

About OpenAI's GPT Store

The GPT Store by OpenAI offers users a centralized platform to explore, use, and review a variety of GPT models tailored for various tasks and activities. It serves as a marketplace for sharing and discovering cutting-edge applications of the generative pre-trained transformers, fostering a community of innovation.

Keep an Eye on the Horizon

While review comments are not in the cards for immediate development, they remain a feature that might appear in the long term based on a teaser by one of their official Twitter accounts.


The comprehensive update for the GPT Store was officially announced by OpenAI. The announcement not only detailed the introduction of new interactive elements but also hinted at potential future developments.


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