OpenAI keeps working on GPT ratings and teases social profiles

Discover the latest GPT enhancements with interactive rating features and sneak peeks at early social profile prototypes—stay ahead in AI.

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OpenAI keeps working on GPT ratings and teases social profiles

OpenAI has been diligently enhancing the user experience with new experiments and improvements around GPT ratings. For prompt engineers and AI early adopters, these changes signal a continuous evolution in the capabilities and intricacies of conversational AI and GPT Store.

ChatGPT leaks:

  • These are enhancements & experiments around GPT ratings: GPT about info will contain a section with clickable conversation starters and their ratings.
A new GPT About page
  • In the meantime, the GPT Explore page doesn't show any rating but when you open a GPT from this page, it opens an About page pop-up with a separate Start Chat button where the rating is visible. Feels like an early prototype at this stage.
Opening a GPT from GPT Store
  • The 5 Stars feedback component is now more interactive and changes the colour of stars when you hover around.
GPT ratings
  • And this is how the early version of social profiles may look like on the builder profile page. Those profiles are not exposed anywhere other than on this page.
GPT builder social profiles
  • There are now more conversation starters available on ChatGPT. Previously you only could see 4 and now there is a long list. Could be an A/B test.
GPT conversation starters
  • And seems like this is the case for custom GPTs as well. But it doesn't work well in the preview mode yet.
Updated GPT builder UI

Custom GPTs will have access to personalised memory in the future. There is a new flag in the GPT builder UI allowing builders to enable memory access. Currently, it breaks GPT when enabled. GPT memory is new Cookies 👀

Leaked Updates and the Anticipation of New Features

The anticipation for these new GPT features has been heightened by leaked UI screenshots shared by @TestingCatalog. Such leaks offer the community a preview of what's coming and allow for early feedback and speculation. While we can't yet link directly to these images, the descriptions indicate that we're in for a more polished and user-centric update from OpenAI.

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