Anthropic is working on the Starred projects widget for Teams

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ClaudeAI Starred projects

ClaudeAI is getting an update to its "Projects" feature for Team plans, introducing a new "Star" functionality. This new feature enables users to highlight certain projects as favorites, making them readily accessible through the main side panel. The "Projects" feature, aimed at supporting collaborative efforts on shared conversations, now comes with a "Starred" section for pinned projects, which is intended to make team-based tasks more accessible.

The "Star" feature, exclusive to Team plans, is reminiscent of the "Pinned GPTs" feature in ChatGPT, and was internally codenamed "Claudia." It should be noted that this feature has not been made public yet and its details were discovered through reverse engineering. ClaudeAI offers a chat interface through, which allows users to interact with the AI for various tasks like summarization, question-and-answer sessions, and decision-making. The design focuses on simplicity to ensure a smooth and straightforward usage experience for both individual users and developers.

About ClaudeAI: ClaudeAI is a chat-based tool fit for a range of tasks such as summarization, Q&A, and decision aids. It focuses on ease of use and is equipped for integration into various applications via an API. The platform is especially beneficial for teams and organizations, offering a comprehensive selection of tools for collaborative work and project management within the Team plan.