Claude AI is working on 'Claudia' interface with a sidebar, akin to ChatGPT

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Claudia UI
Claudia UI

Anthropic's AI chatbot Claude is currently undergoing tests for a new user interface layout named "Claudia". The update reveals a design shift towards a sidebar layout reminiscent of the one used by OpenAI's ChatGPT. Notably, this layout includes a "Projects IA" link, which leads to a project space dedicated to Organisation plans. The introduction of "Claudia" indicates a move in how users might interact with Claude in the future, yet the exact benefits of the "Projects IA" link are still speculative.

Users have speculated about the potential use cases for the "Projects IA" feature. It could enable collaborative AI projects or allow users to organize their interactions with Claude into structured projects. However, without official confirmation, these remain as theories. The change also indicates a broader trend in AI chatbot design, potentially offering new methods for users to manage their projects and interactions with AI.

About Claude

Claude is an AI chatbot developed by Anthropic. It serves as a conversational assistant, providing responses across a wide range of topics. Anthropic is known for its contributions to AI research and development. The new "Claudia" layout signifies an evolving user interface aimed at potentially improving how people interact with Claude.

The information emerges from leaked reports and has not been officially confirmed by Anthropic. The future utility of the "Projects IA" link within the "Claudia" layout remains a topic of speculation among users and observers alike.